Having a great story in mind for a TV show require various steps in becoming a reality in a TV network. The idea you have needs to be pitched to the network in the following ways:


  • Solidify your idea, and perfect it by planning it out very carefully. Create an interesting plot line with entertaining characters, and a strongly captivating story. Share your idea with your friends and see if they find it as interesting as you do. The idea for the show should be original and new, without any loopholes.


  • Find a good network to pitch your idea to. Check if this network runs shows like the one you have planned.

  • Set a presentation of your idea to the network. Speak to them with confidence, and know what you are thinking about for the audience. Give examples of statistics of ratings of the shows on the network, and keep eye contact with the people you speak to.


  • Dress well for the presentation as well, and keep an impressive look. Keep in mind to be on time when the meeting is set, and stay organized.


  • Create slides and images for your presentation to give the listeners a visual of your idea. Let them “see” your idea instead of just listening to your thoughts.


  • Give a copy of your script with your contact number to the network and wait for their call.