If you want an innovative yet easy science experiment to try out with your kids during the holidays, then you should make a balloon powered car.

Things You Need

Water bottle tops, 4

Balloon, 1

Straws, 2

A water bottle, a soap box or a tooth paste box

A thin twig which can fit easily inside a straw

A lot of tape


  • Take 2 straws and cut them until they are 2 inches long.
  • Take two twigs and cut them until they are 3 inches long.
  • Cut a small slit in each cap.
  • Push a twig inside the bottle cap so that about ½ inch of it is sticking out through the top.
  • Now put a straw on the stick.
  • Insert another bottle cap at the other end of the twig.
  • Repeat the same process with the other bottle cap. You are basically making an axle like this.
  • For finishing the axle, attach some tape on the bottle cap and the twig. In this way you will be able to rotate the axle by holding on to the straw.
  • Now the base needs to be attached with the axle.
  • Now whatever base you have chosen (let’s think the toothpaste box in this case), move the axle to just about 1/3 of its size onto the base.
  • Now take the tape and attach just the straw with the base.
  • Repeat the process with the other axle.
  • Attach the accelerator by sticking just one inch of the straw inside the balloon.
  • Tape the balloon only to the straw.
  • You are not supposed to tape too much of the balloon with the straw. Just enough part which can let it remain attached with the straw is okay.
  • The balloon should not be big. It should not be hanging down.
  • Now you have to tape the next part of the straw which is nearest to the base.
  • Now simply blow air into the straw which is attached with the balloon, and your car is all set to go.