Reading books is loved by many people, and with the latest developments in technology, you can carry your books in your phones wherever you go. To make the task easier, online bookstores have emerged with plethora of books for the passionate readers. These books can be read, and have audio features as well for the readers to listen to.


To listen to audio books on your iPhone, you simply have to download an audio book file from your computer, and then follow these basic steps:


  1. Turn on your iPhone, and go to the main menu. In this, select the iTunes icon, that will be on your home screen. Tap on this icon.


  1. Scroll down, and tap on the ‘More’ option, which you will find at the bottom of the screen. In this, you will see Audiobooks – select this.


  1. All the books stored will appear here. You can choose the one you want to read, and listen to its preview or read its description first by tapping on it. Buy the book you want by tapping on it once, and enter your iTunes login and account details.


  1. Once the book has been downloaded, tap on the ‘iPod’ icon, which will be on our home screen, and tap on ‘More’, that will be at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Audiobooks’, and type the name of the book you want to listen to.


  1. To download audio books from your computer to you iPhone, you can via iTunes software. Simply, connect your iPhone to your computer with its USB cable, and click on the ‘Books’ icon in your iTunes. Select ‘Sync Audiobooks’, and sync one or more books. Once its synced, select ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the screen. Your books will be in your iPhone now after you unplug it from your PC.