Just as big as the wedding day is for a woman, it’s a joyous and emotional day for her mother as well; to see her once little baby girl walking down the aisle to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. Since the label “mother of the bride” pulls to mind the image of an old woman in a dull dress, her hairstyle matches that of her outfit. All eyes may be on the bride, but her mother needs to look her best too – after all, it’s a big day for her to because she’s passing on her daughter into a new home.


If you want your mom to look current, beautiful and happy, make her look that part by following these guidelines:


Do not opt for a new cut

Do not try something new at this event, please! It is very tempting to go to a hairstylist for the big day with your mom, but you have to understand: even a trim may be cut too short and lead to a look that does not suit your mother. The longer and more the hair, the better the hairstyle can be made as well. Styling options increase according to the lengths of the hair.

Choose a blowout that is soft

Anything that is too stiff will make the hairstyle look artificial and older. You can make your mom look young by keeping her look soft. If she has short hair and wants them open, go for a soft blowout with volume and waves. For a bun, tuck a strand of hair behind the ear and add a brooch to the strand.

Keep the updo subtle

If your mom and you decide she should make a twist or a French knot, do not let it be too stiff. Let there be movement in it. The best way to make her look younger and softer is by leaving a few lose strands of hair around the face. If the hairstyle is too tight, stiff, or sticky, she will look too old.

Look for a classy look

On the other hand, if she wants to keep the hairdo classy yet not too modern, she can go for a low chignon. It looks good no matter what the age as it is truly a timeless hairstyle. Keep the chignon loose and you can even put it to one side.