“I scream, We scream…” yes, we all love ice cream. And that is why selling ice cream is a very lucrative business. In order to make it a rewarding business, setting up a truck to sell the ice cream is the initial step. A few simple steps will then follow it, and you can begin selling ice cream throughout the year.

When you use a truck to sell your ice cream, you will attract people from all ages. So you don’t have to target a specific audience or market. Follow these steps to learn how you can start your own ice cream truck business:


Set a Plan

Write a brief business plan so that you are able to cover up your estimated budgets, marketing strategies, along with assets used for the new business. Cover a market analysis and make the plan. The plan should include how the operation of your business will come around, and how you will budget the assets and marketing. You should also determine which ice cream brand to use.


Look for a Location

Search for a neighborhood or marketplace to set your truck at. You will have to survey different areas to see where are more potential buyers.


Get the License

Every business requires a license to begin with. Check with your state laws on running an ice cream truck business, and the laws that apply to it.


Get a Truck & Equipment

You will need a proper truck suitable for the ice cream business. In addition, you will need a good freezer in it. Getting a truck from a company for ice creams is provided in many states.


Contact the Health Department

This will be needed for the trucks inspection, as all foods have to be certified by Health Departments to be sold.