In order to restore their legal rights, a pardon letter is written by a person convicted of a crime. The U.S. President issues the federal pardons, while the Governor of the state issues the state pardons.


Here is how a pardon letter is written:


  1. Get a copy of your criminal record from the crime information of the state.


  1. Check if you have any other pending charges.


  1. Read the jurisdiction requirements of the state.1448494408


  1. Set out examples and facts to lie down in the letter to make your case strong. Give dates and all other details in this letter.


  1. Draft the pardon letter by searching for samples.


  1. Use a business letter format to write your letter, as it should not be hand-written or very casual toned.


  1. Address the letter correctly, and then begin writing the letter. First, introduce yourself, and the crime that was committed, and the penalty you have undergone. In the body of the letter, give strong examples and firmly evaluate your case. End with a signature block with accurate contact information.