Gift acceptance or acknowledgement letters are sent out to donors performing a good deed. Just like sending out thank-you notes to friends and family members after you have received a birthday gift from them, in the same way, thanking someone to make a fund donation to your cause or nonprofit work warrants a thank you letter as well. By doing so, you acknowledge their donation and make them feel good about their kind act.


By sending a well-written and proper gift acceptance letter, you uplift your organization’s name, and gain a good future donor as it builds a relationship with them. The best way to write a gift acceptance letter is by:


  • Staying informal and using personal language.
  • Appreciating the donation, no matter how small or big it is.
  • Acknowledging any past gifts sent by the donor.
  • Getting it handwritten, and signed by the head.


Below is a sample on writing a gift acceptance letter:


President Howard Denkin

Saint Mathew Branch

Saint Cloud, MN 9765


January 23, 2015


Dear Ms Elice,


We write to thank-you for the donation you sent to our charity organization for orphans. The gifts and donations was deeply appreciated by us and we will ensure the funds are utilized for the orphans schooling. Our organization is tax-exempt, and will be sent immediately to the orphans at Northshire Homes.

We are sending you a coupon for our organization’s handcrafted goods, and would like you to select any items of your desire with it.


For any questions, please feel free to contact us at (767)876-2218, or




Howard Denkin


Saint Mathew Branch