There is no place on earth that is free from crimes. Laws and governments have curtailed wrongdoing, but that hasn’t made man completely stop on committing heinous acts.

Here is a list of the top 10 worst crimes people can commit:


  1. Murder – Taking someone’s life.


  1. Rape – Forceful coercion into sexual intercourse.


  1. Terrorism – Spreading terror and violence in a society.


  1. Smuggling – Importing and exporting goods without legal permission.


  1. Child Abuse – Child molestation or sexual relations with a minor.


  1. Trafficking – Sex trafficking, child or women trafficking in which humans are sold like commodities.


  1. Kidnapping – Forcefully abducting a person to gain a ransom.


  1. Domestic Violence – Forcefully taking someone’s possessions.


  1. Female Feticide – Being forced to undergo abortion.


  1. Cannibalism – Eating human flesh.