Body hairs are symbolic of manliness. But, if you have got hair on your back, then nobody likes it. Even men who consider themselves as Alpha males or too macho hate it when they have got hairy backs. So lots of them opt for getting rid of those back hairs permanently.

If you have got back hair, then honestly, you can remove them. It is not that only women can get rid of the unwanted hair. Men can opt for it too, and the sensation of being more handsome which it gives is priceless!

Let’s see how you can actually get rid of back hair permanently.

Get Your Back Waxed

Waxing may sound painful, but seriously it is not. There are so many different types of wax available now that they cause very less pain and you get hair off from your back within no time. Waxing your back takes hardly 15 to 20 minutes.

For getting your hair waxed, simply go visit a good salon where they offer this service. Professional services are better than getting your back waxed by yourself, especially when you know nothing about it. The best thing is that waxing hardly costs around $50.

Though, after getting your back waxed, you don’t get rid of your hair permanently, yet they take almost 4 to 6 weeks to reappear. You can get them regularly waxed and you will notice your hair getting thinner with time.

Opt for Laser

Laser treatment is very popular for hair removal. Although it is quite costly as compared to waxing, but it’s painless and within a few sessions, your back hair are all removed. It takes hardly 30 minutes to get your hair removed.

Consider Electrolysis

If you are a patient person then you can opt for electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process in which an electric shock is delivered to each and every hair follicle present in your back. The cell dies in this way, and there is no chance of having any hair on your body growing back again. How long the procedure will take to complete depends upon the thickness and the consistency of hair on your back. If there are a lot, then it may take you a year of regular sessions for getting rid of them forever.

There are other options like shaving your back and the use of hair removing creams available as well. However, these procedures are not recommended for permanently removing hair from your back. In fact, your hair will grow back in a much more consistency.