After the pain of getting a beautiful tattoo done on your body, you do want to preserve it and protect it from fading! Sun exposure and tanning beds reduce the color of the tattoo, as the harsh rays are hard on it. So, the more you tan, the more the life of the tattoo drains.


But have no fear, as there are ways to protect your sacred tattoo from losing its color. Here are some pointers to follow that will keep the tattoo from fading in a tanning bed:


  • Use a good sunblock with the highest SPF in the market. Go for an SPF of 50, or higher. Before the tanning session, cover your tattoo areas with the sunblock properly. You can then cover it with a piece of fabric so that you can block it from getting harmed.


  • Moisturize daily after you have had a tanning session. If your skin dries, it tends to peel off or become itchy. This leads to the loss of the tattoos life.


  • Avoid getting a tan when you have newly gotten a tattoo.


  • Place a hand towel on your tattooed areas provided by the tanning salon when getting your tan in the tanning bed.