Painting nails starting from the teen years into adult life is a must-do for almost every woman. Perfectly painted nails shows good grooming and makes you look sophisticated. You can easily paint like a pro if you learn the simple tricks in properly applying nail polish:

  • Always place your hands on a flat table when applying nail polish, and place a paper towel beneath your hand.
  • Remove any signs of old nail polish with a nail remover before applying a new color.
  • Trim and file your nails before applying nail polish.
  • Push cuticles back whenever you apply nail polish.
  • Keep your hand widely open on the table when you begin applying nail polish.
  • Apply the base coat, which is the transparent nail polish, to create a smooth layer on your nail. It makes the color last long and better nail paint application.
  • When the base coat has dried completely, apply the nail polish.
  • Always shake the nail polish bottle before opening its lid for application.
  • Apply a little above the cuticle.
  • Always use the three-strip-rule in nail polish applying. This rule is: apply first the stroke in center slowly; apply the second strip on one of the sides in a curved angle; and apply third stroke the same as the second on the other side of the nail.
  • Keep the first coat of your nail polish always very thin.
  • Apply a second coat on the first coat for enriching the nail color.
  • Top it off with a clear top coat.

Once dried, you can remove any excess nail paint on your skin with the help of a cotton bud dipped with nail polish remover.


Happy Painting !