This guide will help you learn how to remove a Trojan virus from Windows 7:


It is highly common to download a virus into your computers these days as most websites are plagued. One such virus, called the Trojan, is extremely harmful for a computer, as it begins commanding the laptop without your instructions. It can also lead to the loss or damage of important data saved on your hard disks. It enters the computer system by attaching itself to files in the computer and also the programs that are downloaded from the internet. It will appear to be a useful software but it is the exact opposite, as it possess the most difficult problems of corrupting the computer system. If your Windows 7 has been affected by a Trojan virus, follow these steps to get rid of it:


  • Download an antivirus software from the internet, such as Kaspersky, Avira, ESET, McAfee, Norton, AVG, or NANO.


  • Run the file after it has been downloaded to get it installed.How to Remove a Trojan Virus From Windows 7


  • Open the antivirus software when the program is fully installed, and select the scan button option. This will let the software scan the PC for the detection of viruses. A list will appear of the location of these viruses. Take action by cleaning the viruses. You will then be asked to restart the computer.


  • Restore the system to ensure all viruses are removed. You must have a backup of your data before restoring it. Select “System Restore” from the Start menu. Then click on “Recommended restore” and then click on “Finish”.


The difference between a normal computer virus and a Trojan horse virus is that it does not spread themselves. The Trojan horse virus is first downloaded into the computer via an infected file from the internet. The virus then steals the end-user’s information and downloads other malware to a computer. To combat this lethal virus, a computer comes equipped with a firewall, or you can install an antivirus (as mentioned above) in your computer. But sometimes, an antivirus does not perform effectively against the Trojan horse virus and cannot remove it. If the antivirus does not remove the Trojan virus from your computer, you must remove the Trojan virus manually. This is done by taking the steps given below:

  • Recognize where the Trojan virus is. Doing so will make it easy to remove the virus from the computer. Most commonly, the system indicates the DLL error that is linked to the Trojan attack. You can copy this error, and then find out where the affected exe file online.


  • You must then stop the function of the system restore so that the files you remove from the computer do not get restored again.


  • Next, restart the computer and press F8. Select the safe mode to get the computer started.


  • Go in the Add or Remove Programs in the control panel and remove the files or programs that have been affected by the Trojan virus


  • Remove all the extensions to delete all the files and programs from the Windows System folder.


  • Finally, restart the system in normal mode.



Another way to remove the Trojan horse virus manually is as follows:

  • Display all the hidden folders through the folder option.


  • Restart the system in safe mode now.


  • Stop the processes linked to the Trojan virus. You will do this by editing the system’s registry.


Tip: The best anti-malware application used in deleting a Trojan Horse virus is the Plumbytes Anti-malware. This is however compatible with Windows 8 and 10.


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