A daycare center allows a parent to work outside of their homes when their children are young, as these centers provide a secure environment for their kids. These daycare centers take different forms – like home daycares, child care centers, or child care providers – who need to be licensed by Child Care Aware. Daycares have become a popular business these days as they are lucrative and profitable. But to open a daycare business, you must know whether you need a license or not under your state laws. Most state governments require a proper daycare license.


A daycare center license is applied for by the owner, and has to be issued for their particular location. If the daycare is being purchased by someone, a new license will be needed. In some states, daycare licenses have to be renewed annually.


Here is how you get a license to start a daycare business:


  1. Apply for the state license

This has to be done through the state department of children. There is a division that governs childcare licenses and laws by each state. You will have to complete the licensing application, and undergo criminal background (along with your employees), followed by a licensure orientation class when submitting the application.



  1. Contact the city hall

You will then contact the city hall to apply for the city license. You will be needed to have at least 3 or more kids to begin the daycare.



  1. Contact the country courthouse

Childcare homes and facilities will be licensed by the country courthouse. You will be asked to take an orientation class before getting the license. And you must pass home inspection.