Disney Cruise Cheap

Disney cruises are quite expensive, but they are well worth the money spent. But getting a Disney cruise cheap will be an excellent family tour which kids and parents love during their vacations. This is because, Disney cruises offer the best of entertainment, with children clubs and fun activities for the adults, along with food that the youngest on board will enjoy. So if you wish to take this cruise with your kids, let’s track down a way to make this trip less expensive for you, and make it impossible to hop on this summer.


Book Early

Booking in advance will give you major discounts. You should also try avoiding making the trip during the holidays, like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or the summer break as these are when the prices are at their peak. So make your booking beforehand and prior to these times, and it should be especially done before the sail starts to fill up. September is an ideal month as schools have just opened and there are less customers. Look for special promotions being offered by the cruise (especially on the ships Wonder and Magic), which sail during school sessions, There are discounts on the bad weather seasons as well. Also, if one of their special rooms like IGT (inside rooms), OGT (ocean view rooms), or VGT (verandah rooms), is vacant and they need a last minute fill up, a discount will be placed on the tickets.


Discounts for Florida Residents, Military, and Canadians

Periodically, Disney offers discounts for these three categories: military, Canadians, and Florida residents. The Department of Defense civilian employees also qualify for discounts under military. These discounts are offered on Mondays and therefore, you should visit their site on Monday mornings to find out about it.



Book Two Rooms

Booking two rooms is usually cheaper than booking one, especially on classic trips. You can try to book the inside rooms rather than the ones with the view and get a major discount. You will be using the rooms only to sleep as all day long, you will be enjoying the activities going around the cruise.



Classic Ships

The classic ships offer more specials than the rest, and are more amazing! Try to make a booking on Magic in October, after the extensive overhaul, to gain a great price.


Use a Travel Agent

With the help of a travel agent, you may find a discount or freebie. Travel agencies give discounts which are not on the website, as they carry gift cars and coupons sponsored by Disney for them. So get in touch with a travel agent to help you on discounts.


Opt for Non-Drink Package

All non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary on the Disney cruise, and they are available 24/7 in the buffet restaurants and the pool deck. You can choose from soda, milk, lemonade, coffee, and hot tea. This package is cheaper than the drink package. So opt for the non-alcoholic package for discounted prices.



Book On board

You should make a booking when you embark for your next trip to save hundreds of dollars. You can gain an on board credit as well for the number of times you have sailed on the cruise. Remember to make the next booking for the cruise trip when you are sailing on your present one!



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