Owning a new Macbook is a step into a world of fast and amazing software. And though its price may be high, it is totally worth every cent spent. There are a plethora of free apps from Apple for a Mac owner, and there are also tools provided by Mac App Store and other independent developers to make this computer easier and fun. Here is a list if the top 10 apps you need to have on your Macbook Pro:



  1. Dropbox

This is the perfect app to backup your files, collaborate and share them with friends, and access them from all your devices. Setting up your Dropbox account is simple, as once you install the app, a private Dropbox will be created where all your files will be stored. You get 2GB of cloud storage, and it saves locally to your Mac as well, meaning even when you are working offline, you can access and change the files and re-sync them.


  1. Google Chrome

Safari does exist in every Mac, but you should keep an alternative option on your list. You will be able to access various plugins as well with it along with Flash.


  1. Fantastical

Although it is priced for $50, this app is the best Calendar app as it schedules appointments with a description of an event. It is integrated with apple’s reminder system, and it also has a separate iOS app as well.


  1. Bartender 2

When you add apps on your Mac, various icons will start appearing on your right-side menu bar. Too many of these makes your desktop look cluttered. With Bartender, you can rearrange these icons in any desired order.


  1. AppCleaner

When you download too many things on your laptop, you get too many extensions and files attached with it. And when you delete these, chances are you will not be able to get rid of all this extra stuff. With AppCleaner, you don’t have to fear such problems. The free app will find all related files and delete everything promptly.


  1. Sophos Home for Mac

With all the downloading comes a risk of viruses and malwares in your system. The best antivirus software for Mac is Sophos, as it is capable of malware detection and a light system impact.


  1. Little Snitch

This app helps in creating a firewall for your Mac. You will be able to see where your computer connects and let you control whatever you say when talking to someone.


  1. Prey

If you own a Mac, you must have an iPhone or an iPad. Prey is an app that will help you locate these when either goes missing.


  1. Pocket

Pocket, just like the name suggests, is an app that will let you pocket videos, articles, or webpages for viewing later. It has an easy-to-use interface, and can be accessed offline too. You can share your favorite stuff with friends too.


  1. Pixelmator

If you are into photography or photo editing, this app is the best one in the lot. With a massive list of daunting features, you can change whatever image you want to create.