Raincoats go hand in hand with our ensemble during the rainy days. No matter how great your outfit is, it will be hidden under a plastic raincoat, so you have to make your raincoat better looking to lay a great first impression when you step into any place from a rain. The most common problems of these plastic raincoats is that they tend to get stiff and wrinkled with time and use. To soften the plastic and make it smooth, there is a way to soften the plastic material.


Things you will need


  • Brush with plastic bristles
  • Vinyl conditioner (or leather magic)
  • Dry towel




  1. Wash the plastic coat with a mild detergent in cold water. Avoid using the washing machine as it can damage the plastic. Hang it out to air dry.


  1. Spread the coat on a dry towel, and roll it from the sides, mildly squeezing it, to let it dry. Even if it is fully dry, this step should be done. Unroll the towel after repeating this step a few times.


  1. Brush the coat with a hairbrush that has plastic needles.


  1. Apply the leather magic or vinyl conditioner to the coat. Hang it, and let the plastic soften and smooth.