Overtime, the beauty of a house begins to reside without proper maintenance and care. Imperfections arise mainly on the walls by discoloration, stains, cracks, and paint removal. Repairing a wall is actually very costly, and so you should try taking care of any problem with it yourself.

A damaged wall will ruin the look and cleanliness of a comfortable room. Here are some ways you can disguise the imperfect walls in your home.


  • If the walls are muggy, cover it with long curtains. For this, you will install a long curtain rod and then drape curtain over it.


  • With cracked walls, you should apply cement over the wall. This removes traces of cracks from it. Cover the stained wall with a fresh layer of paint.


  • If the crack is large and can’t be covered by white cement, apply simple paint over it. You can paint a mural over it or an image to camouflage the crack.


  • Apply textured paint over uneven walls caused by detachment of plaster or cement.


  • Place a wall hanging over an imperfect wall, or cover the wall with family photographs. You can get an artistic piece of fabric framed and hung over the wall. Mirrors also create a great look over any damaged wall.


  • Use textured wallpaper over uneven wall surfaces, as it will mask any imperfection effectively.


  • Lay a layer of bricks over the bad wall. You can use standard bricks or even tiles on the wall.


  • Vinyl decals are a hot trend on walls these days and are the perfect tools for concealing ugly walls. Choose a design and apply it over the damaged wall.


  • Place furniture in front of the imperfect wall, like a cupboard, a sofa, or a bookshelf.