With online shopping turning into the norm of buying and selling goods, there is always a chance of being cheated when making a purchase from an online dealer. A very common err is made when a fake is bought in hope of an original and authentic accessory, like a watch. The threat of buying a replica watch from a shady seller is daunting as you may end up losing a lot of money who claim to be selling a real one.


If you are interested in an Armani watch and fear the risks of being hoaxed for a real one, you need to know the difference between a real and fake Armani watch. These tips below will let you see the way to spot a fake Armani watch quickly:


Inspect the Watch

Take a close look at the watch (zoom in the picture if you are buying it online), and search for any misspellings. Most fakes have the spelling of “Emporio”, “Giorgio” and “Armani” incorrect. Any misspelled word shows it is for sure a fake. You should also look at where it was made. Armani watches are made in Italy. Fake ones will say “Made in China” or Hong Kong, Thailand, or Vietnam.


Visit the Online Website

Check the official website for Armani and see the watch in their store. Note all the features, price, and serial number given there. You can use this to compare it with the one you are purchasing. It is better to make your purchase from the official online store.


Check the Code Number

To check an authentic Armani watch, verify the code number that is given in the product tag. Check the serial number or code number and compare it online at the Armani website or visit your nearby outlet.


Feel the Material

The real Armani watch will be made of the highest quality material. Any watch with rough edges, or a dull shine, will be a fake. The strap will be neatly made with leather, stainless steel or gold.


Ask for Original Box

A seller must have an original box for an original Armani watch, or a manual, certificate of authenticity, or receipt. If any proof exists, then it will be an original.


Check the Back of the Dial

A real Armani watch will have an engraved 6-digit serial number engraved. The logo will be in the center, and the details about the watch will be engraved in a small font. Fake watches will have no serial number, a large logo, and very large writing on the back cover.


Check the Clasp of the Watch

All genuine clasps have a small Armani emblem, and a small “Stainless Steel” writing engraves  on the right-side of the clasp.


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