Gucci is an internationally recognized name synonymous with class and style. While Gucci products are something everyone would love to buy, yet there are many fake versions of Gucci watches available in the market as well. Both online as well as traditional shops loot people by selling fake Gucci watches. The good thing is that you can actually spot the fake versions from the original ones. Here are some tips which can help you in spotting fake Gucci watches.

Look for the Perfection

An original Gucci watch is simply perfect. There are no unnecessary gaps present in the design. The stones embedded are fine as well. The watch gives an aura of finesse and perfection. The seconds and minutes needles move smoothly, instead of ticking with every movement. The strap  of the watch has to be genuine and well defined weather its stainless steel , gold or leather or any material.

Check Where the Tagline is Present

All the Gucci watches come with a tagline “Swiss Made.” The original ones have it present beneath the 6 o’ clock position, right under the 6 o’ clock hand.

Original Gucci Watches are Heavier

Gucci watches are either made of gold or of stainless steel. They are heavier to lift as compared to their fake versions. To check the authenticity of a Gucci watch, lightly tap on its back. If it makes a hollow sound, then the watch is fake.

Check the Model Number

Gucci watches always have their model numbers written on their backs. However, the fake ones mostly do not. Always check for unique serial number.

Ask for the Proof

If you are purchasing the watch online, then ask the seller to show you the original receipt to prove the authenticity of the watch.

Buy from an Original Retailer

To make sure that you are not getting ripped off, purchase your Gucci watch from an original retailer.