Neighborhood cats or stray ones entering your beloved backyard can be annoying when they leave holes or broken plants around. The worst part about these cats is their feces, which have parasites or pathogens that destroy plants.


The best way to keep these animals from entering your garden is simple.


  • Since cats like to walk on soft soil, make your gardens less inviting by covering them with twigs, or pinecones pushed in the soil. You can also lay chicken wire over your garden beds or use the mesh bags from onions and potatoes on it.


  • Cats run away from the smell of lavender, rue and pennyroyal. Plant these plants around your garden to keep them from coming. They also dislike the smell of citrus, and human hair. You can use skin peels of citrus fruits around the garden or clean your hairbrushes there.uses-of-lavendar-400x400


  • Wash the area they keep appearing at with a hose.


  • Homemade Cat Repellent:

Mix 1 teaspoon each of black pepper, dried mustard, and cinnamon in a spray bottle with a few drops of citrus             oil. Add a crushed garlic clove as well and fill the bottle with water. Spray this around your garden aid3164747-728px-keep-cats-out-of-a-garden-step-14and beds.


  • Try to block all gaps and spaces of their entry with prickly plants. You can also place a fit wire that is 10 cm above your fence to prevent their access.


  • Rumor has it that plastic bottles reflect light that makes cats squirm. Place plastic bottles along the borders to deter them. You can also hang CDs around your garden beds.



  • Teabags that are used can be placed around garden beds for cats to stay away from.


  • If they climb on your trees, wrap the trunks with chicken wire.


  • You can cover your ponds with net to stop cats from trying to eat your fish.


  • Get your own cat to keep other unwanted ones from entering! If you aren’t a cat person, get a dog.