London is an exciting place with tone of tourist destinations. But the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. In fact, the city comes to life at night. Various clubs, cocktail parties, and amazing theaters light up at night to usher in throngs of people. Every night the city has much to offer for entertainment to its locals and foreigners. And for this reason, they say, “London is a city that never sleeps!”

If you are travelling to London to enjoy an exciting trip, you would love to know the best places to see during the day, and also after sun down. Here is a guide of the beautiful capitals must-visit places at night:


Ride on the London Eye

The London Eye is an important site to visit when vacationing in London, but riding it at night is the most exciting experience you will have of the city. It is open till 8:30 pm during the summers for tourists to be awed by the night’s dazzling skyline.


Watch the West-End Sho

A trip to London cannot be complete without watching a show of the West-End. Visit the Theatre Land and absorb the electric atmosphere of the London’s most-loved district. You can choose from the most popular musicals, plays, and astonishing operas of the city here. The Lion King and Wicked must not be missed.


Travel on a Night Seeing Tour

If you wish to make your trip even more memorable, take a tour around London at night on their famous open top buses. Get a spectacular sightseeing experience of Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and Tower Bridge along with other exciting landmarks of London.


Visit the Comedy Store

The Comedy Store in London is a place that needs to be visited upon a trip. Nestled in Piccadilly Circus, the store showcases various hilarious comedians from around the world. It is amongst one of the most popular comedy venues in London, and invites 3000 guests a week. It is open throughout the week, so it just can’t be missed.


Go on a “Pay-What-You-Like” Walking Tour

This walking tour in the summers provides a casual stroll along some of the most eminent sites of London, such as River Thames and the Victorian alleyways.


Visit the House of Parliament

If you have a tight budget and are free after dinner, then a visit to the Parliament will be ideal for you. It is free for visitors to enter the House of Lords or House of Commons, and sit in the public gallery to watch the parliamentary debates. Both houses work late into the night, so there is something always happening there!

Go to a Museum

London’s museums don’t close early, which means you can visit them after 5pm too. Some of the museums open for late visitors include The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Tate Modern, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum, The Transport Museum, and The Science Museum.