When deciding to quit your job, it is customary to write a letter to your boss two weeks prior to your resignation. No matter what the reason of your leave, informing your employer beforehand allows them to plan for the cover-up in your absence. In addition, it will leave a good impression for your professional career for the future as it is a sign of professionalism to be prompt, and it is a standard practice when resigning.

The notice could include thanking the company, employees, and employer for the experience you have gained. Avoid mentioning anything negative regarding the people you worked with in this email, as you should maintain professionalism.


Here is a sample on writing a two weeks notice email:



Subject: Resignation – Thomas Howard


Dear Mr. Andrews,


Please accept this email as a formal notice of resignation from the Aligned Book Company. My last day will be on August 14, 2015, which is two weeks from today.


I appreciate the support and encouragement I have received in my 5 year experience with this company, and take with my valuable knowledge and experiences. It has been a deep pleasure to with with you and all the employees.


Please do let me know on how to help you with the transition of my position. I wish you and the company all the best in future growth and progress.


Best regards,


Thomas Howard