Car decals are printed images on lacquered or varnished paper that are applied to the windows of the vehicle. These are images, slogans, names, signs, or any personalized messages for other drivers and onlookers on the road to see. The messages and images can be funny, political, or a cute image that you can self-print. Basically Car Decals can be put anywhere on the car or even any mirror/glass like surface too in your house. Whatever place you wish to put it; just follow the following instructions for a smooth lay out of the sticker:



  1. Clean the window surface with a cloth and then a mild cleaner. Let it air dry.


  1. Peel the back layer off from the decal, leaving only the vinyl and clear transfer layer in your hands.


  1. Apply the decal on the window slowly. With the help of a credit card, smooth the decal on the window so that any trapped air bubbles are flattened.


  1. After 15 minutes, remove the clear layer by peeling it from the corner, leaving only the vinyl decal on the window.