School buses in most countries are a standard yellow, but they can be painted in other colors according to the schools desire. The color of a school bus can be changed or re-painted with the help of a few basic tools and materials.


If the a school bus needs a change of color, or requires artwork done on it, or if it needs to fresh coat of yellow color on it, you simply need to find the right place to work at and follow these instructions:


  1. Wash the bus to make it properly clean. For this, you need a pressure wash, and also, you need to remove all removable parts to thoroughly get it cleaned. Let the bus sit under the sun then to allow it to dry.

  1. Rub off the existing paint from the bus body.

  1. Apply a layer of a pre-coat on it to prevent corrosion. You can also apply paint thinner instead of the pre-coat. Let it dry.

  1. Now begin painting the bus with the color you desire. For this, you will need at least 7-gallons of paint, and a good paintbrush. Mix the entire paint buckets in one large container, and apply a coat on the entire buss. Allow it to dry.


  1. Now write the school name or any artwork on top of the paint.