We have all been there – staying up all night, lack of sleep, allergies, or crying spells end up with red, puffy eyes. The redness eventually does go away, but if you are headed to work or some important event, those bloodshot eyes need to be fixed immediately! For this problem, try out some of these old fashioned remedies for instant cures:


  • Rinse with cold water. The cool water will sooth your inflamed and tired eyes. If the redness has been caused by pollutants, cold water will cleanse the eyes.


  • Sleep longer. If you have nowhere to go, sleep in late the next day to give your eyes enough rest.


  • Apply a cold compress to the eyes. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean cloth, or soak the cloth in ice cold water. Now place it on the eyes and compress it. Let it stay for 30 seconds and then remove. This remedy works best for eyes that have turned red due to allergies.


  • Place a warm cloth on the eyes if the reason behind the bloodshot eyes are lack of sleep.


  • Stay in a dark room. Stay in a dark place to relax the eyes. Close your eyes and relax there for a while to comfort the eyes.


  • Drink water. If you have been drinking too much the night before, your eyes may be red due to the alcohol in your body. Remove it by consuming water.


  • Use lubricating eye drops. These drops are labeled as “Natural Tears”, and are very gentle for the eyes.


  • Pat hydrocortisone cream (1 percent) on the eye lids and under-eye circles to reduce puffiness and inflammation.