Walking sticks or poles are excellent tools of support for people who may struggle to move, but they are also of use to people trying to lose weight! These sticks are great exercise tools to stay fit and healthy.


Here is how they can be used for exercising:


  1. Buy yourself the right walking sticks. These should not be too brittle, and should be strongly shaped for you to do more walking with their aid. Walking sticks made from carbon fiber are the best.


  1. Practice walking with them, as they aren’t very easy to use for beginners! You should have a good arm strength to grasp them well when you walk, and you will keep an upright position while you do so.


  1. Have a strong step. This means you need to place your steps firmly down when you move forward. Do not take long strides.


  1. Add a spring to your step with time. A bounce in the step boost blood circulation and energy,


  1. Use the sticks when you exercise. You can use them for stretching and flexing your muscles. They aid in supporting many difficult exercise positions, and you will be able to exercise with ease.