Bird baths can be a source of relief for birds in the summer as it quenches their thirst and provides a spot for them to cool their wings in the heat. Set a bird bath in your garden so that you can bring in birds to your gardens and get closer to nature. It is simple, and requires minimal tools.

  1. Decide the spot where you will set the bird bath. Find a spot that gets a midday shade at 1:00 p.m., and has sunlight to draw in birds. Avoid places where cats can prey the birds.


  1. Use a mailbox post to set up as the bath’s wood post. For this, dig up a hole in the location you chose with a shovel. Insert the post into it and build a mound of mud around it for stability. Ensure the post is tightly stuck into the ground and not unstable.


  1. For the bath, you can use a terracotta pan, a concave stone, a garbage can lid, a clay pot, or a gardening tray. Although you may want to screw the bird bath to the post, keeping it removable is better as that way it is easily cleaned whenever needed. This is important for the health of the birds as well. So to keep the bath stable, place a large stone in the center of the pan or bath. The rock will also serve as a spot for small birds, like sparrows, to perch on while sipping water.