Sometimes, companies may make mistakes when sending out bills to their customers. An error like this may be small, but for the reputation of the company, sending out an apology letter becomes necessary as it leaves a good impression. Below is a sample on apology letters sent by companies on their billing errors.

Nora Smith

HB Company

987 Worthington Street

Seinfield, MA 87652



June 10, 2011


Carol Adams

Manager Assistant

HB Company

474 Wellington Street

Seinfield, MA 87652


Dear Carol,

Thank you for contacting us for your concern on the balance in the account with us, 0225-363-76554. We have checked in detail the past records and found a wrong entry made once. We have immediately informed the concerned department to amend this error and correct the billing statement for you.

The correction will be made in 3 days, and you may regain access to your account with the changed balance then.

We deeply apologize for the error, and offer a $50 balance as a bonus. We appreciate your patience and value you as our customer.

If you have further queries, please contact us at the given address and contact number.



Nora Smith

Customer Services