Making Halloween decorations myself is more fun than making Christmas ones. Simply making a life-size ghost with a few inexpensive items sets a perfectly spooky look to the outdoor of my home. You can also hang it from a tree or place it at the front door for the young trick-or-treaters to enjoy this fun day.


Here is how you can make a ghost decoration for Halloween at home:


Things you will need


  • Cheese cloth
  • Circular balloons in white or large foam balls
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Black marker or sheet of black felt
  • Yardsticks
  • Hammer
  • Nails




  1. With the yardsticks, form a Y-shaped skeleton for the ghost. Use the nails to attach the yardsticks together, placing one on top of the other and hammering through. This step if needed for a ghost decoration placed on a porch or in the yard.


  1. Place the pole securely in the yard or in a pot that can be placed next to your front door.


  1. Attach the balloon or foam ball to the pole’s head.


  1. Drape the large sheet of cheesecloth over the framework. Drape randomly over the pole until you reach a desired effect.


  1. Create a mouth and eyes on the ghost head with a marker or by cutting out a mouth and two round eyes from the black felt. Attach it with fabric glue to the head.


  1. With the thread, sew in the fabric around the arms and head to keep it secure.


  1. If you wish to make hanging ghosts, you don’t need to make the pole framework. Simply cover balloons or the foam balls with the cloth and add the eyes and mouth to it. Hang them with the wire from a tree then.