Plenty of dances have been widely acclaimed and practiced by dancers and entertainers, but nothing beats the shim sham tap dance! Dating back to the early 1920’s, this form of dance emerged in Europe by Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant.


Follow this guide to learn how to do the shim sham dance correctly:


  • Watch a few videos on shim sham tap dance. Search for dance videos on YouTube or purchase DVDs to look at how the dancers move.


  • On a clean and clear floor, begin practicing. Stomp the right foot first.


  • Next, spank the right foot’s step. Perform this move very carefully and slow at first.


  • Now repeat this with the other foot. Repeat it in proper order, and move to the right foot again.


  • Perform the brush ball change with the right foot, and let the change occur on to the left side.


  • When completing these steps, do it with a combination, by placing the steps together, This means you will stomp, spank, and reverse. And then again, stomp, brush ball change. Now start over the cycle. Keep the sequence in order.


  • To make it easy, count the steps (1, 2, 3, 4), to help you in following an order.


  • Repeat the steps again and continue practicing to you gain speed and momentum in it.