If you are a bike rider, you will face a very common obstacle sooner or later: a puncture of a tire. Flat tires are immensely frustrating, and occur at the most unexpected times. Below is a guide on how you can easily change the tire tube of a bike.


Tools needed

  • Pump
  • New tube
  • Tire levers


Removing the flat tire

  1. Remove the wheel of the bike first by turning it upside down. Many new bikes now have a quick-release lever on the axles. If your bike does not have this feature, then you will have to loosen the nuts that hold the axle to the frame. If the nuts are tight, spray lubricant over it. Use a wrench to loosen the nuts. You will be able to pull the wheel free after it is loosened.


  1. Deflate the tire tube by pressing the inner part of the valve down. Remove any lock ring that is screwed in the stem of the wheel to release the air.

  1. Slide the rounded end of the tire tools into the space between the tire and the rim. Pry the tire away from it slowly. The tire levers work best in helping removing the tire from the rim.

  1. When the tire has removed from the rim, take out the tube within it.

Installing the new tire tube

  1. You can replace the damage tire with a new one by hand, You have to slip it over the rim and work all around it.


  1. As you do so, place the inner tube completely with the new tire. Make sure you are careful with lining it to the inner tube valve with the help of the valve hole in the wheel rim. Push the tub e in fully into the tire.

  1. Now insert a tire tool between the portion of the tire not installed and the rim. Very slowly, lever the tool up and force the tire to move over the rim. Use a second tool to push if needed.


  1. Roll the new tire over the rim and inflate the tire.


  1. Replace the tire on to the bike.