A good haircut can add to your overlook, and just as it is for women, men look for good hairstyles to enhance their overall appearance. There are various haircuts to choose from for men, and newer looks keep being added to the list of hairstyles. The latest haircuts in fashion for men these days is the taper and the fade hairstyles.


With the newest trend in men haircut being taper and faded hairstyles, it is important to know the difference between the two styles when visiting the barber. The two haircuts resemble and are hard to tell apart by many. This is because both hairstyles show a lot of similarity, yet they give a dramatically different look on an individual. Both haircuts look different on people and depend on the hair type as well. The styles are cut differently as well, making them differ vastly.


TaperDifference Between Taper and Fade

Tapers are cuts with longer hair from the front that gets shorter gradually as it goes down at the back and sides. Nowadays, almost all modern haircuts for men have some tapering effect. The top is nearly 2 to 4 inches long and the remaining hair is very short. The hairline is cut short but it is intact around the perimeter, and this is what makes it different from fades. The gradient of the haircut begins at the temple and it ends at the natural hairline. The hairline can be seen in a taper haircut. The gradient of the hair gets very short around the hairline, and the fading in it will now blend down to the skin. This is the most prominent difference between a taper and a fade. The tools used for a taper haircut are scissors and/or hair clippers. The best feature of the taper is that it lets one enjoy short hair and long hair for styling combined. It is thus, ideal for people who want short hair that is long enough to be styled and groomed to create a contemporary look. Taper haircuts look best when they are artfully messy.


A fade haircut has no hair on the sides and back of the head, but there is hair at the top of the head. It is a form of a tapered haircut, but it cut drastically lower as compared to a regular taper. The difference between a taper and a fade haircut lies in the length of the hair which is at the top of the scalp and the fading along the back and sides of the hair. The top hair in a fade haircut is at least 2 inches shorter  than a taper haircut. The fading effect in this haircut begins quickly and ends above the natural hairline, unlike the taper. Sometimes, the hair from the sides and back are bald and then the top is tapered, making it look thicker as it moves to the top of the head. This gives the “faded” look.  Fade haircut is classified in two types: low and high. A low fade begins much lower and it reaches up till the hairline. The high fade will end high above the ear. The fade looks neater that a taper. The similarity the fade has with a taper cut is that it also has a gradient that begins from the longer hair on the top to short hair on the sides and the back of the head. The fades were adopted by men in the military in older times, but now a majority of men and even women are seen sporting this look. The hairline cannot be seen in a fade, and it is an ideal cut for those looking for a short and low-maintenance style with a modern look.



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