No space is safe from rude or unbearable people – be it a school or workplace. According to a research, half of the people in an office are treated rudely, which can affect work progress. This is because office rudeness leads to decreased effort and quality of work by the sufferer.

Stress aggravates in you when you have an obnoxious colleague. The only way to come around it is by assertively addressing the situation with the rude colleague. If that is too difficult to do, there are several ways you can apply to yourself to put their rudeness at bay. Read further and see how you can.


The first technique you should apply to tackle with any rude colleague is to show confidence in your office. Speak, walk, and exhibit confidence in all your actions. This will make anyone find it difficult to be rude to you. Weak people attract bullies in workplaces, so show a strong belief in yourself to repel those people.


You should also be nice to the rude co-worker. This doesn’t mean you have to take their rude attitude. But instead, just kill them with kindness so that you can take control of the situation. Being aggressive will only make them more aggravated, and your kindness will melt their icy ways somehow.


If they still portray rudeness, try to confront or approach them and tell them how you feel. This doesn’t mean you have to cry and be over-humbled. Be confident when you speak, and explain your concerns to them regarding their behavior. They may tell you the reason behind their rude attitude towards you, like a misunderstanding.


You should also examine yourself to check your sensitivity level. Maybe your emotions are getting in the way. You can check this by consulting with other coworkers and see if they are facing similar situations with the colleague.


Speak to your boss or manager to deal with the colleague if all tactics fail. Describe the situation to them in clear words and how it is affecting you perform at professional when you speak, and request their help in the situation.


Remember to always stay calm and let the situation go instead of taking in stress. You cannot control others, and it is the problem of the colleague instead of yours. So, control your reaction instead, and playing cool will only do you good in the end.