If you have an Android device and wish to delete a contact from your contact list, it can be quite simply done. Adding any contact and deleting them is synced with your Google Account via the Contacts app. There are three different ways to delete an Android contact. The right way to delete an Android contact for users with Android 6.0 and up is given below.


Method 1

The first method is by directly deleting the contact from the Contact folder or People’s app.


  1. Open the device’s Contacts app or People app .


  1. Tap on the contact you wish to delete.how to delete all contacts from android phone


  1. Tap on More, to reveal > Delete.


  1. Tap on OK or Delete to remove that contact.


  1. If you want to delete more than one contact at once, you will touch and hold each contact, and then tap on More, to open > Delete. And then select > OK.


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Method 2

Another way to delete an Android contact  is by unsyncing an account with your Google account.


  1. Tap on the Setting’s app. You can unsync the account to remove all the contacts synced from it. This method is ideal when you have to delete more than one contact.


  1. Tap on Account next, and you will find the Personal section.


  1. You will then tap on the account that you want to delete or turn off syncing for. This way, any contact from the account is deleted from your Android.


  1. Snap off the Contacts now. This turns off the contact syncing and it stops the contact list from being automatically updated with the contacts in that account. If the Contacts option is not visible, just toggle syncing off on that account.


  1. Tap on the button that shows three vertical dots. This is found on the upper-right corner. Opening this will display a small menu.


  1. Tap on sync so that that it is synced with the account. Since the contacts were disabled, all other contacts for the account will be removed from your Android.


Method 3

You can delete and Android contact with Google Contacts as well. This is how it will be done:


  1. Open the web browser in your Android. If you have stored your phone contacts in your Google account, you can easily use Google Contacts to manage your contact list for the Google Contacts website. Keep in mind, this will work only for the contacts that are stored on the Google account. Any contact stored on the phone or from some other account will have to be deleted by either method 1 or 2 given above.


  1. In the web browser, type “contacts.google.com”. Now log in with your account used on your Android device.


  1. Tap on the contact profile picture so that you select them from the contact list. You can use the Search bar on the top of the page to help you find the contact quickly.


  1. Tap on the trashcan icon on the top of the screen so that the selected contact (or contacts) are deleted from your Google account.


  1. Select the Setting app on the Android once the contact is removed from the Google Contacts website. You will have to resync your account on the Android.


  1. Tap on Account in the Personal section.


  1. Tap on Google then.


  1. Again, tap on the three vertical dotted icon on the upper-right corner of the Android.


  1. Now tap on sync so that your Google account will re-sync all your Google data and contacts. The deleted contacts will be removed from your Android.


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