How to Handle Emergency Calls


There are times when you need to keep your phone on silent – during meetings, when at work, while taking a nap during the day or when asleep at night. But usually there may be important people, like family members and loved ones, who try to reach you during an emergency during this time. For such instances, there is a way to “un-silence” your phone for a few callers during emergencies. Below is a guide on how you can do so on an Android phone with the help of an app called “Tasker”, which is popularly labeled as an ultimate automation tool.


Follow these steps to learn how to handle emergency calls when your Android is on silent:


  1. Install the app “Tasker”. This needs to be installed from the app store, where you will get it for free for the first 14 days of usage, and later be bought for $6. It is worth the money spent, so purchase the app for future use.
  2. Once  “Tasker” has been installed in your Android, you will then have to download the XML files then, and import it into Tasker. This is done by clicking on the Menu button, selecting the Profile data, and then selecting the Import One Profile, and import the XML files one at a time. When importing in Tasker, the files will move to the SD card.


  1. Open the file “Emergency Handler for Tasker” and unzip it.


  1. In the options given, open the file saying “send-wakeup-instructions.prf.xml” in the text editor.


  1. The line saying: 5554443333/5551234566/555987654 should be erased here, and instead, type in the numbers of the people you want the phone to be un-silenced during emergencies.


  1. Next, the line saying: Automated message: My phone is on silent… should be customized. Set a reply here with the code of emergency for the important person. There will be a character limit here of 140 to 160 characters which must not be crossed. Set it to reply only if it is an emergency.


  1. Save the edited file.


  1. Insert the SD card (memory card) in your computer now.


  1. Download the XML files on your SD card.


  1. Insert the SD card back in your Android phone.


  1. Go in the application Tasker on your phone.


  1. Go in the “Profile” menu.


  1. Click on “Menu” and then select “Profile Data”.


  1. Select “Import One Profile” and import the XML files one at a time.


  1. Now press on any empty spot of your phones screen.


  1. Choose widget.


  1. Then choose the task, and toggle silent. 


  1. Pick an icon for this by pressing to the right of the wrench here.


  1. Click and make the widget.


  1. And your important people are now free to call you at all times.



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