Many clothing items and accessories come with the unique innovation of snap buttons. Their ease of use compared to regular buttons makes them a major part of baby clothing items, wallets, purses, and even mountain climbing jackets. These types of buttons are also placed on sports clothing items and yacht covers as well. They are much more durable and easier to use than even Velcro.

How to Install Snap Fasteners on Clothing


To install snap buttons on any item, you simply use a series of the small metal rings available at handicraft stores, line them up on the cloth, and then crush them into one another to assemble them. It is actually even more simpler if you follow the steps provided below:


Things you will need

  • Snap buttons (there are 4 parts in each snap button – a colored metal cap or top prong, a stud, a socket, and the bottom prong).
  • Any one of these tools: Prong pliers, button tool with a hammer, or normal pliers with a spare piece of fabric.
  • Clothing item or garment on which the buttons need to be attached.




  1. Metal snaps easily install on thin fabrics. Try using lightweight materials for the snap or then use different fasteners, like sew-in snaps or the hook-and-eye if you are using a thick material.


  1. Disassemble the metal snaps. You will see there is a piece in which there are spikes along the metal ring. These spikes will penetrate into the fabric, and then jammed in a groove of the other p
    art of the snap.


  1. Mark the fabric with a pencil where you want the buttons to come. The back of the sockets of the snaps come on the front of the item. Remember, your mark will be the center of the snap. Mark the front and back of each side of the clothing item.

  1. Keeping the right side of the fabric facing up, push the spiked ring in through the fabric and pierce through it. The spikes will come out from the other side.

  1. Grab the other end of the snap and align it with the spike ring on the wrong side of the fabric.


  1. With the pliers, firmly press the bass of the stud and all around it to enclose all the spikes around the other end. Check if the stud is tightly stuck to the fabric. If not, use the pliers and apply more force to tighten it.


  1. You will then fix the other part of the snap button to the bottom area of your clothing item. Place the bottom prongs with spikes from the wrong side of the fabric, and in through the right side. Fix the top piece to it and use pliers again to tighten this bottom prong with the socket.

  1. Check if both sides of the snaps are now fully installed, and use your snap button clothing item easily.


Tip: If it is your first time at using and installing a snap fastener, we recommend you practice installing a few on a spare cloth first. Snap fasteners may not be installed neatly so practice is needed. Once you have successfully installed a few on the cloth, move onto the actual project!


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