How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard


Deer are lovely animals… until they enter your garden and wreck havoc! This is because they eat almost everything in a yard, except the grass. From the glowers to the special plants you have grown with so much love, everything will be gone when a deer prances in the yard. These deer are hard to tackle as they can sneakily enter and leave a garden even if it is wired. The only way to get them off of your property is through erecting a wall all around it, but why go through this hassle and expense when you can try a few home remedies to keep them away? There are actually a few home ingredients than can shoo these deer far away from your yards. Read on further to learn some ways to prevent deer from entering your lawns.

Human Hair

The human hair is a deterrent for deer. You can grab some from  a barber or hairdresser, and place them in mesh bags. Place them around the garden and vegetables, or sprinkle looser hair all over it.






Hot Pepper Spray or Other Sprays

Spray the plants with hot pepper spray so that deer won’t bit them off. You can also mix an egg with garlic, sour milk, vinegar, onions, cloves, fish, or dish soap together to create a pungent smelling spray. Mix any of the ingredients and spray around the yard.



Plant Deterrents

Grow that plants the deer refrains from. These include ornamental grasses, foxgloves, iris, herbs, yucca, and all plants with strong fragrances like sage, lemon balm, chives, and bee balm. Plants with throns are also deterrents, so you can grow purple coneflowers. The plants a deer come after are roses, tulips, apples, chrysanthemum, beans, hyacinths, beans, peas, strawberries, raspberries, hosta, sweetcorn, dogwood, Norway maple, fruit trees, azaleas, and yew.




Deer Repellents

You can find various deer repellents as well from garden stores. You can try mothballs by hanging them from trees in onion sacks to remove the deer, or decaying fish head, garlic, fabric softener, and bone meal. Commercial deer repellents include fox urine, wolf urine, or coyote urine.





Keep a Dog

Dogs will scare the deer away and their urine smell will keep them off the property.







Soap Bars

Scented soaps get rid of deer from gardens as well, as deer find food through smell. When they small soap, they ward off. Hand soap bars from trees, or sprinkle soap flakes around garden beds to repel the deer.





Barriers and Fencing

Make a barrier with fishing lines and motion-activated sprinklers to keep a deer out of the garden. Fence around the plants they may come after. You will have to install a high fence as deer can jump over small height fences.  You can grow thick hedges around the garden as well to form a boundary.





Garden Ornaments

Use unfamiliar objects to scare the deer away. Scarecrows and statues will keep them away from entering. Add wind chimes and lights as the noise or bright lights wards them off.





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