Making a paper butterfly is a fun art and crafts project for your kids. It requires a few basic tools to transform a simple square sheet into a beautiful butterfly, and all ages can participate in this project. You can recycle paper and use newspapers, tissue papers, magazine pages or any gift bag to make colorful and lovely butterflies. Use them as decorations for any event that is indoor or outdoor and hang it around to make inexpensive and amazing party decorations.


Things you will need

  • Piece of paper
  • Scissors



  1. Cut the piece of paper into a perfect square.


  1. Fold the paper vertically into half. And then unfold it.


  1. Fold the paper horizontally into half, and unfold it again.


  1. The square sheet will now be creased vertically and horizontally. Now fold the paper again in half but this time diagonally. Unfold, and then fold diagonally from the other side. Unfold the paper. There will be creases on it in all angles now.


  1. Bring the creases from the left and right together and form a triangle.


  1. Fold the left corner now of the top layer onto the top corner of the triangle formed.


  1. And fold the right corner onto the top corner.


  1. Now turn over.


  1. You will then fold the bottom part of the triangle up.


  1. Turn over then.


  1. Pull the left flap of the triangle down and the side of it will be forced to bend in it. fold this and flatten it.


  1. Again, pull the right flap of the triangle down and fold it in the side.


  1. Turn over again.


  1. Fold the top of the triangle down.


  1. Now fold a tiny portion of this top triangle back up, leaving some part folded down.


  1. Then mountain fold it in half. This means, you will fold the left side under the right side.


  1. You will fold diagonally then to make the wings.


  1. Turn it over.


  1. Fold the other wing as you did before.


  1. Open the wings to see your beautiful butterfly!