Keeping safe when going on adventures or travelling to the wild is very important. You make think keeping small flint knives as a part of the old age, but these knives are still used due to their simplicity in use and make. The construction of a flint knife is easy and requires minimal tools. Time will be essence for it but it is an enjoyable exercise.

Step 1: Hold the flint stone in your hand and strike it with a chipping tool. The strikes should be angled as blows near the edge of the blade. This way, the blade is shaped and sharpened.


Step 2: Continue chipping the flint stone till it reaches the shape of a knife blade. Make sure the blade is 6-inches long, and have less thickness to aid in cutting.


Step 3: From the bottom three inches of the blade, chip parts of the flint so that this section is narrower than the other parts of the blade. This is the handle of your knife where you will grip it.


Step 4: Sharpen the blade part again of the flint once the shaped has reached your desire. You will sharpen the blade by pressing it against the blade at the edge, and then pushing it outwards. This makes small flint flakes to chip.


Step 5: Continue sharpening the blade till the blade is fully sharpened. Repeat the process then on the other side. This step takes time so remain patient.


Step 6: Wrap the handle area with a leather strap and tie it securely. This forms the handle of the flint knife.