It is very common for an emergency to erupt during your work days, and to take some time off, you have to submit a formal letter to ask your employer for time off. This formal letter, in which the employee asks their employer for leave from work for an unforeseen reason – such as death, accidents, illness, etc., is called an emergency leave letter.


An emergency leave letter has to be concise, where the employer should stick to their point. They should keep a professional and formal tone, and understand their office work policies, and how they will manage the work they miss during their time off. They have to be clear on the time frame of their absence from work.


Here is a sample on an emergency leave letter:


Scott Michael

978 Dutchman Ave, SAT 123 Street,

Hampton, CA 988654



18th June, 2010


David Meyer


InfoTech 0876

South Richmond,

San Juan, CA 088765



Dear Mr. Meyer,

I must urgently leave work today and return home due to a sudden emergency. My wife just informed that my mother was in an accident and is at the hospital right now. She has a chronic heart condition. Being the only child, I must be by her side. I will not be able to be at the office for the next two days, till she is disposed from the hospital. I will update you with the situation.


I hope you will kindly approve my leave. I will cover the work missed as soon as I am back from my leave. Mr. Hen from our department will be taking my place while I am gone to inform you on all the projects.


Yours Sincerely,

Scott Michael

HR Secretary