Your photographs are usually very personal and you may not be comfortable with anyone going through them when they borrow your phone. In order to protect these sensitive photographs, you should use built-in tools to protect the privacy of your photos. Most manufacturers have started including features in smartphones to hide photos. These methods for hiding photos is simple to use and they are better in protecting photographs than most apps.


In order to conceal your photos in Androids like Samsung and LG, follow the steps below:



  1. Open the gallery in your phone.


  1. Select the photos you want hidden and protected.


  1. On the upper corner in the right, tap on ‘MORE’ and then select ‘Move to Private’.


  1. You will now navigate into the Private Mode to hide all your sensitive content. To do this, navigate into Settings, and select ‘Privacy and safety’. In this, locate ‘Private mode’.


  1. By setting the Private Mode off, will conceal all the photos while keeping it on will make the files available to be viewed. Select the Private Mode to off.



  1. Go to the Settings in your phone and navigate into Fingerprints & Security.


  1. Here, tap on the Content lock.


  1. You will be asked to create a security measure in this. Select the photos in the Gallery you want hidden.


  1. Tap on the three-dot menu now and then select Lock.


  1. To view the locked item, you will tap on the three-dot menu on the home page and select Show locked files/memos.