Solid state guitar amplifiers are considered the most reliable machines that increase and control the sound of the guitar. This is mainly due to the fact that they use transistor technology, instead of the tube technology, which other amplifiers use. However, problems can befall in solid state amps easily if not properly maintained. the other advantage of these amplifiers is that they are cheaper and easier to fix than tube technology based amps.


The main things you will need for repairing these amplifiers are:

  • A screw driver
  • A torch
  • A piece of cloth


To fix the amplifier, you must identify the problem first. If you notice a problem in its sound, like a rattle at the end of every tune, you have to open up the speaker. Usually, such problems occur when the speaker is damaged or loose.


To inspect a problem in the amplifier, unscrew the rear panel of the amplifier. If you find any loose parts inside, your have caught the mouse. Reattach this part and your problem may have been fixed.


There may be a problem caused by a loose wire or a blown fuse. You may just need to solder the loose wire back to its respective terminal, or you may need to change a fuse.


While inspection, you may see certain broken or worn out parts. Replace these immediately. Transistors need replacements usually and should be replaced with its exact match.


Once you have fixed the problem, clean all the pots and dials with a cloth. Dust and grime creates bad sound too. A damp cloth should be used on front panels, while a dry cloth works best on dust inside the amplifier.