With a monitor, a user gets to access his PC, and that makes it the most important part of the computer. And just like every machine, a monitor can end up with a few problems – like flickering and waves forming on it. There are many reasons behind this problems, like the monitor may be out of order, or the power source has been corrupted. Other electronic devices nearby can create the disturbance too or a magnetic force in the vicinity can cause it. Once you identify the source of the cause, you can handle the problem.


Here are the main causes that create problems in a monitor:


  • Noise in the line
  • Corrupted power supply
  • Adapter failure
  • Failed monitor
  • Electronic disturbance
  • Magnetic forces nearby


Here are the steps to take on different causes creating the problems with your monitor:


  1. Check all the connections are properly connected with the monitor.


  1. Use spare monitor adapter and cords to check the problem.


  1. Plug in the power cord of the monitor in another power outlet in your home.


  1. Keep all electrical devices 8 feet away from the monitor.


  1. Use a certified extension cord that is grounded for your monitor.


  1. Check the fans functionality and GPU of the system.


  1. Lower the refresh rate on your monitor to 75 and then set the resolutions to make it go. Restart your computer after that.


  1. A major problem can be a bad electricity fault in your home. Bad wiring leads to corruption in the electric flow of a PC.