Freckles occur more commonly on fair skinned people. Fair skinned people also like to go undergo tanning more, which can result in causing even more freckles. By being a bit careful and cautious during tanning, you can make sure that freckles do not occur.

Wear Proper Sunscreen

Wearing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more is a must when tanning. It helps in getting a good tan, but protects your skin from the harmful UV rays at the same time. You can check the SPF amount on the bottle of a sunscreen.


Tan For a Certain Period of Time Only

Do not tan for longer periods of time. This will cause your skin to dehydrate and will contribute in the forming of freckles as well. Take a break after every 15 minutes so that freckles are not formed.


Don’t Sit Directly Under the Sun

A lot of people do the mistake of sitting directly under the sun while tanning. It is better to sit under an umbrella for no more than 20 minutes. Remember that fair skinned and red haired people are highly prone to getting freckles, so take care of yourself.


Don’t Go for Tanning at the Peak Hours

It is not recommended to do tanning during the time when the sun is at its extreme. Avoid tanning between 12 and 4 o’ clock.


Say a Big No to Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are popular and an easy way of getting a tan. But they are harmful as well and can cause freckles also. They can also cause cancer, so it is better to avoid them in any case.