Having a neat and organized wardrobe and closet makes life simple. You get to see and find everything on time when you have to step out, and no time is wasted in searching for any item you direly need. Managing and organizing your closet is simple when you know the right way to fold and store your clothes properly. In addition, folding your clothes the right way will make them ironed and wrinkle-free.


To start with organizing your closet, consider learning the right way to fold pants. Pants are best stored in hanging closets, or in drawers. Here is a simple way to fold pants correctly for your drawers:


Iron the Pants

You have to start by ironing the pants. This is necessary as it makes the next steps easier with unwrinkled pants. You can use water or spray starch when ironing your pants, to keep them in shape and ironed neatly. Set the crease correctly when ironing your pants.


How to Fold the Pants

Now that your pants are ironed and set, ensure the creases of the pants are perfectly meeting one another. Lay them on a flat surface, and then fold them in half. Smooth any ripples on the pant, and fold them one more time, making the top and bottom meet nicely. Now give the pants another fold. Depending on the size of your drawer, you can fold again, otherwise three folds are enough.


How to Place the Pants

The pants should be placed one on top of the other vertically, instead of horizontally. This will reveal all the colors in the drawer when you open them and you can see every pant within. If the pants are made of soft materials, place them horizontally.