Wall mirrors look exquisite in homes and can enhance the look of any room they are placed in. But if you end up hanging it incorrectly, you will ruin the wall, and maybe even the mirror. Hanging mirrors from walls is a daunting task for many, but by learning the right procedure from this guide, you will see how simple it actually is! Keep in mind, your house is your self-image, which deserves to be the best.


Things Needed to Hang the Mirror on a Wall

  • Measuring scale
  • Wall mirror
  • Drill
  • J-Clip
  • Pencil


Steps to Hang the Mirror on a Wall

  1. With the measuring scale, draw a guideline or mark on the wall you want to hang the mirror on. This will let you properly position the mirror on the wall.


  1. Hold the mirror next to the wall and mark the positions again for assurance.


  1. Make a hole on the mark you have made with the drill, and place a j-clip in it.


  1. Lift the mirror, and rest it into the j-clip.