Basketball is a sport loved and played by everyone, and it is one of the fastest growing sport around the world. A good jump shot along with a precise aim is important in basketball, but it takes a good jump to get the slam dunk in this sport. To dunk the ball, the player have to work on their jump to be good at the game.


To increase your leap, you have to condition your leg muscles that are involved in jumping. Mainly, it is the thigh muscles that are responsible for the player’s jump, along with the hips, abdominal muscles, lower leg muscles, and the arms. The improvement in the strength of these muscles is the most important part of the increase of jump for a player. In addition, all release of tension must be eliminated as well, so that there is no resistance against the power the player has while they take the leap.


Below are the main workouts that increase the height of a jump for basketball. Mix them in your normal training routine, and be amazed at how far you can reach:


Heavy Weight Squats

Squats are the king of exercises that increase strength and tone the muscles. It will develop the muscles needed for a powerful jump. When doing squats, properly position your body, and then follow it with box jumps. Use weights while you do squats to increase the arm power.


Toe Raises

A jump training exercise is combined with toe raises to propel the process of elevation, as it provides additional power for toe strength. This will increase you power to push forward to a high jump. This exercise requires repetitive toe curls and tiptoeing for 10 seconds.


High Reach Jumps

Jumping vertically will not just give the practice needed for good jumps, but also increase the power to have a high jump. Simply, jump vertically, as high as you can go, and take a note of the height you reach each time you jump. Do it under a basketball ring so that you can monitor the height of the jump.


Core Strengthening Exercises

This exercise will strengthen the midsection muscles, and provide stability to make the jump extra higher. Perform exercises like sit ups, crunches, and back extensions.