If you love gardening and landscaping, then you can add more oomph to your garden by adding a container water garden. A container water garden is not just easy but fun to make as well. It is also low maintenance and you can actually keep on changing the flowers and rearrange them whenever you feel like.

Let’s see how you can actually create a container water garden in a few easy steps.



1.     Select a Container

Selecting the right container is extremely important. A container can be anything from a large flower pot to a tub or even a bowl.  My favorite is a large sized plastic container as it lets you add more items to the garden and carries them well. Your container should also be big in size as well. It will let you add more plants to it, and your overall look will also be quite pleasing. Ideally, your water container should be 10 inches deep and 16 inches wide.

2.     Choose the Plants

The plants you can choose should be according to how big or small the container is. Ideally, you should go for tall plants like cattail or yellow flag iris. Alternatively, you can add floating plants in your water garden as well. If you have gone for a much deeper and wider container than the required 16 x 10 inches dimension, then you can even add water lilies or lotus flower to it.

3.     Pick a Suitable Spot

Where you want to place your water garden matters a lot. Keep in mind that it should receive ample amount of water and sunlight. Also, the area where you have placed it should also serve as the focal point.


4.     Setting Up the Water Garden the Right Way

For setting up your water garden, fill the container with normal tap water. Dip your plants in it. Now, place them according to different heights. This will create a more beautiful impact. You can change the heights of the plants by putting a brick in the container and arranging your plants on them. You can further add more style to it by installing a small fountain as well. if you love fish, then putting a few small fish in the pond can be fun as well.

 Some Necessary Tips

  • Change the water of the pond after every few days. This will stop algae from growing inside of it and the plants will remain fresh.
  • Place your container water garden indoors during the cold winter weather.
  • If you have got fish in the container, then do put chlorine tablets in the pond for the de-chlorination of the water.
  • Do not put a lot of plants in the container. Less is more.