A bank account can be closed with a simple letter as long as the account in in good standing. Even if a bank does not require it, it is a formal and good way to explain your reason to customer service.

Here is a simple letter you can follow to close your bank account:



The Manager,

Harrod’s Bank Associations,

Hemsworth Branch,

Lord Road, Nottingham, 68756


Subject: Closure of Current Bank Account


To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to inform that I will be closing my account at your bank under the name Ms. Jane Dawson, resident of Gloomingdale, Nottingham, 48769, which I have been holding in the branch since May 10th, 2009. The account has been inoperative for several months due to my transfer to another city. I deeply regret my inability to continue banking here. I will return my checkbook and ATM card duly to the bank.


I request for an issued demand draft for my existing balance, and I solicit your kind help through the process. My account number is 2245-09879, and my email address is janedawson1986@news.co.uk.


Thanking you,

Jane Dawson

17th August, 2014

London Heights, Birmingham, 98690