Hooking up or disconnecting a gas appliance is a scary task as gas leakages can be fatal. Extra care, along with the right instructions and tools should be used when disconnecting a gas stove.


Here is the set of instructions you should follow to disconnect a gas stove yourself:


  1. Pull the range from its fixed position to get a view of the gas connections behind it.


  1. Find the ball valve at the end of the flex connection. This will have a handle attached to it, usually in red or yellow color. Turn this handle to shut off the entire gas supply.


  1. The gas is off when the lever is turned at the right angle to the pipe. This valve shaft or handle will be perpendicular to the pipe when the gas is shut off.


  1. Turn on the stove button to check if the gas has been shut out.


  1. With the help of a pipe wrench, disconnect the flexible hose connection.


  1. The stove is now disconnected fully. There will be a brass fitting that caps the pipe where the flexible hose was connected. If not, purchase one and fit it to the open valve to prevent any gas leakage.